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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Last Monday while flipping the dinghy over I pulled my back. Nothing unusual about that: I'm getting to that sort of age where aches and strains are a natural occurrence. I realise I'm no spring chicken.

But this strain degenerated into the most abject agony, so much so that I couldn't sit for very long and had to get up and relieve the pain every 20 minutes or so.

Eventually it got so bad I had to take time off work and just lie down, bored.

Which brings me to the point of this post: After a couple of days resting, I can now sit in a chair with a dull ache, rather than abject agony.

But guess what, the weather is ideal sailing weather. Typical!

So my crook back will relieve me of yet another weekend of boatyness.. 2015 isn't looking to be a good sailing season at all.


  1. Ouchh... look on the bright side though - rubbish tides this weekend... :o)

  2. Hi Steve, luckily I can console myself that I won't be sailing until I've retensioned the rigging. Hopefully the new bottle screws will arrive this week and maybe next weekend I can sort it out and sail. Today I've been down and checked to make sure everything is OK from the shore and poured epoxy into a crack in the dinghy which I could do without flipping it over. So despite the odds I've done some work. Not a lot, but its something. :-)

  3. Hope you are feeling better. Still a couple weeks before Serenity gets in the water, so you are well ahead of me. I might not be sailing until next month.

  4. My back is still giving me problems but yesterday I managed to get out and do some more wiring. I wired the lights in the front cabin to the fuse panel. But then I went and aggravated my back working on the car later. Doh!

    All I need to get sailing is to fit the new turnbuckles on the main stays. But they require a bit of physical effort to fit that is beyond me at the moment.

    I think we might be running close for the first sail of 2015.

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