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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Small Steps.

My back is still crook. Last time I buggered it up it took four weeks to get back to normal. This is week two.

I was well enough to flip the dinghy over yesterday lunch time. But on arrival at the boat I found my feet were getting a bit wet. A screw had pulled out of the bottom and left a hole. Water was flowing in steadily. So it was a short visit to the boat. I wired the front cabin lights to the fuse panel. This entailed drilling a new hole through the central bulkhead. Out came the hand drill from 1943 I bought from a car boot sale last year.

After an hour on the boat I bailed the dinghy out and rowed ashore.

Ironically pulling the dinghy up the beach and epoxying the hole didn't aggravate my back. Working on my car later on did though! So today has been a day of rest. I hate it!


  1. The trick is to know when to stop before overdoing it. Don't rush things and lose the entire sailing season.

  2. Yes, its just that I was ok while I was being careful and then something as easy as bending over to check a dipstick puts my back out again. I just have to be careful all the time. lol.

  3. I have been looking for an old hand drill for ages and finally saw them new on Ebay. Everything now is electric. Take care of your back, you only get one of them.

  4. I love my old drill, it reminds me of my Dad's tool box. And its nice to put something with a bit of history back into useful service again. I like the simplicity: no batteries to charge up and run down just at the wrong moment. It just works.