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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Just Playing.

Had a nice few hours on the boat yesterday and today. Nothing special going on, just a visit to see everthing is okay and just do a little fettling like tighten the forestay a little more.

Yesterday I also epoxied the bottom of Jim's dinghy. Poundworld are selling epoxy resin adhesive. A pound for one of those twin syringe packs is a bargain, so I bought a couple. Yesterday I slathered the stuff on Jim's dinghy and it soaked into the resin-poor matting, making it watertight again.

A watertight dinghy re-enthused him and he came down to the boats today:

I also tried out my phone and did a 360 degree panorama. Had to chop it into 2:

It may well be  unviewable without the ability to zoom in, but its just an experiment.

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