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Sunday, 29 November 2015


Forget Abigail and Barney, the first big storm of the season hit the South coast today.

I went and checked on the boat:

It was a bit windy!

I also met Guy, a chap that follows this blog but for some reason can't comment here.

However we do keep in touch via Facebook.

The bad news is there's another casualty. A yacht, looks a 30 footer fin keeled yacht has broke it's mooring gone aground on the Hayling side of Langstone harbour. Not good for the owner.

I noticed that Lazy Days has had it's forestay fixed:

This dinghy was having trouble staying afloat. I assume it's foam filled!

UPDATE: I got a picture of the grounded yacht from Eastney. Sorry for the grainy picture but its about 2 miles away!


  1. Hi mark, good to see you today

  2. Hi mark, good to see you today

  3. Days like this weekend when I'm glad Sparrow's ashore!

  4. Hi Guy, It was nice to see you and hey, you're commenting on the blog at last! :-)
    Steve, I do get a bit concerned about Sprite, but most of the boats at Eastney stay afloat. Its fairly sheltered, the only really bad direction would be a Northerly wind which blows the length of the harbour and sets up a swell, but the hills overlooking Portsmouth take most of the edge off the wind. He says with fingers crossed...