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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Pound Shop Field Trip

I went to the pond shop today to stock up on supplies.

More epoxy, to replace my depleted store:

Epoxy for a pound. And I thought Toolstation was cheap at 3 quid!

I also bought a couple of dehumidifiers. My last one lasted the winter and kept the cabin pretty dry. I noticed last week that the cabin was damp again and found the dehumidifier I had was used up.

So another couple of these went in the basket:

Finally I was just looking around and found a set of small baskets that should fit behind the seat back and help tidy the bits up:

So, a fiver spent on the boat today!


  1. I know these sorts of shops well - often I have to look the other way as I pass or break into a run, otherwise all is lost and home I come with STUFF!! Lots of it LOL.

  2. I know what you're talking about.... But at lest they don't break the bank: I ended up spending a tenner in there in total and came away with a bagful of stuff!
    I do love pound shops.