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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Home for a VHF Radio

And a horn button.

I've been busy actually doing some work on the VHF hutch that will be fitted to the roof of Sprite to the right of the companionway, above the little moulded in table.

Looks a bit rough and ready, mainly because I don't have the tools to accurately cut holes out in plywood. But once it's had a bit more work to round the sharp edges and stained to match the rest of the interior woodwork, it should soften the rough look.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the thing cracked on me where the plywood is thin, so I had to epoxy it back together.

I've added the horn button for the horn I bought back in 2015 (??). Obviously I'll have to wire it in  but first the hutch mounts have to be fibreglassed and epoxied to the roof of Sprite.

The advantage is that the display and the speaker for the VHF will be horizontal, rather than pointing up to the ceiling. It should be easier to access and control in an emergency.

Also there's a bit of space ready for future projects. Not sure what they'll be yet.


  1. Doesn't matter what it looks like - does it work and is it easy to use? That's the main consideration.

  2. True, as long as it puts the VHF in an easier to use position I'll be happy.