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Monday, 16 January 2017

No Progress

This weekend I didn't get anything done on the boat.

Despite the attraction of high tides and a long stay on the boat, on Saturday my daughter was down from Uni and came over for dinner.

Yesterday the weather was miserable. Really miserable, with wind, cold and drizzle. Not a fun sailing day and not a fun day rowing out to the boat either. Given that one of the jobs I wanted to do was the cockpit locker top, the weather was not ideal.

So yesterday was occupied by food shopping. Oh the excitement!


  1. Mark, this is the time for Charts spread on the floor before a roaring fire and lots of planning for the coming Spring.

  2. Hi Alden, I'm all high-tec. I select a couple of ports and then use the auto-routing function on Navionics to plot the route for me. Lazy I know, but I still have to plot the tide times to finish off the route.

    It's a nice vision, having a cosy fire. I don't think I've sat in front of a real fire at home since the sixties, lol. I remember when I was a kid only the lounge heated, with ice on the windows in the bedrooms in the winter. Back then I vowed I would always have central heating. :-)