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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Short Visit this weekend

Just a quick visit last weekend to check on the fit of the VHF hutch.  Offering it up to it's home, it looks like the way of mounting it to the cabin roof needs to change slightly.

There are a couple of bolts for the rope clutches that come through the roof in the same place the mountings were going to go, so there needs to be a change. Not much: a few blocks mounted on the back wall of the cabin should be enough to hold the hutch in place.

Just a small change and worth nipping on board to check.

I was impressed the cabin was relatively dry and not dripping with damp like this time last year. Not sure what the difference is as it's been quite damp outside the cabin over the past few weeks, with fog and mist lasting several days. The harbour fog horns have been working overtime. :-)

I think last year loading a wet rudder into the cabin close to the end of the year introduced enough moisture into it to cause problems. This year I let the rudder dry in the cockpit before putting it away, so maybe that's the answer.

Checking the battery, it was down to 13.5v, I assume the result of a few weeks of misty, overcast days preventing the solar panel doing it's thing.

I also started to attack the Christmas choccy biscuits I took on board a few weeks ago. Yum.

Guy paddled over for a chat, it was nice to see him. He's been a bit scarce down the pond as he's been working away a lot.

I didn't even stay on board long enough to make a brew. I was off at high tide, which made recovering the dinghy easy. It's great when you only have to drag it 4 feet rather that three and four times that up the beach.

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