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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

App Time (Number 2 of a Series)

This time its not so much an app as a web site, but I do refer to it constantly on my mobile browser. This blog is a bit unusual in that I'm blogging about the loss of an app.

Its the CHIMET website I'm referring to ( Its a real-time automated station on the Chichester bar beacon that reports everything you need to know about the weather, tide and sea state in the area.

Unfortunately it got struck by lightning at the beginning of the month and its like having your hand chopped off. No longer can I check on what the wind is doing right on the coast, nor can I see the actual tide gauge reading (including storm surges) as opposed  to the predicted tide level.

I can't now see how lumpy the sea is either: CHIMET reports on the wave height and the period between waves which tells you how bad it really is out there before having to sample it for yourself.

I just hope it comes back soon!

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