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Saturday, 18 January 2014


The main reason I moor my boat at Eastney is because its the cheapest place on the Solent. I don't think you can get much cheaper than £126 a year and that's including harbour dues!

Of course many other people do the same, although some can't afford to maintain their boats either, so they end up sunk or abandoned on the shore. If Dylan Winter is reading this no Dylan, people don't abandon Centaurs on the beach. More's the pity as I'd have snaffled one long ago!

Anyway, I took some photos today of the sadder looking examples.

First there's the Falmouth Gypsy that was in my storm video, which has got even worse now.

The loose bit at the back of the cabin has fallen off, the transom has a huge split down it and the hull has a huge split in it where it has been flexing. Basically its scrap.
Here's the transom:

Luckily it has a secondary bulkhead at the stern, but it won't be long before its no longer watertight. Either the crack in the middle of the hull will reach the waterline, or the secondary bulkhead will spring a leak.

At least its still floating (just). A few other boats at Eastney have succumbed to the sea, or filled with rain water. Not small boats either: here's an old fishing boat that seems to have filled with rainwater to the point it no longer floats and now the sea fills it at high water spring tides.

Its a shame because you can see at the stern that its set up for fishing or ferry service. You can imagine it taking people out on trips. But not any more.

Finally there's a lovely cute little clinker built, gaff-rigged sailing cruiser that has sadly seen better days. Its been several years since it saw a coat of varnish and everything on it is weathered and green. In places it has moss and Lichen Growing on it, showing possibly a decade of neglect.

Every rope is green, the wood has long since lost its weatherproofing and there's a fist sized hole in the roof.. The hull is no better, it doesn't float. Such a shame for such a lovely little boat to end up like that.

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