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Monday, 6 January 2014

Stormy Weather

I took this video last Friday to show how bad the weather was and how high the storm surge risen. You can see the dinghies under water that would normally be on a dry beach, so the surge was almost a metre higher than normal. That meant the boats at the bus stop at Eastney were floating rather than sat on a safe beach and once again they were bumping into each other. You can also see the little blue boat that was very low in the water.

You can tell its been a bit wild out there because today I checked on the boat at lunchtime and noticed something white behind Sprite 2. Yes, its a capsized boat!

If you check this picture you can see the boat right way up behind Sprite 2:

It looks like the cabin and the engine are under water along with the accessories that'll have spilled out of the boat.

Its a shame really but it does show the force of nature that the boats have been putting up with over the past few weeks and days.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, but they were taken through the lens of my binoculars.


I've just looked through my photo records from the weekend and that capsized boat was afloat yesterday, so it must have turned turtle overnight. Possibly a combination of wind and a lot of rainwater on board sealed its fate.

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