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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Not-Much-Boat Day Today

Even though it was blowing a hooley I still got the dinghy out and rowed out to the boat. As it was loaded up with the Genny, A big rucksack and a big box of tools I put the bits in the centre of the dinghy for stability and used the forward seat and rowlocks. Everything worked fine: with the rowlocks further forward I have more control over the dinghy in the wind. Instead of spending half my time keeping pointing in the right direction I just slowly paddled out into the swell and ferried across the wind.

I was on the boat for about half an hour but things worsened and my knees were aching after rolling about while kneeling. I did some soldering of the aerial leads (Not that easy soldering in a bit of a swell) to make my improvements yesterday more permanent. I also took my SWR meter to check out the radio and aerial, but then found the microphone no longer keys the radio into transmit. Something else to fix or replace!

I came off the boat shortly after that as it started raining and the rain was being blown under the cockpit cover! I came off right at the top of the tide, so at least I didn't have to drag the dinghy up the beach.

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