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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Current Plan for the Weekend

The long-term forecast says the weekend will be fine weather, so I'm already getting a list of jobs together.

1. Replace backstay turnbuckles with shorter ones to tighten up the back stays.Then tighten rest of rigging to suit.

2. Get mainsail to raise fully

3. Paint Mooring Number on Mooring Buoy.

4. Fit Boat name on Stern if possible.

5. Take outboard to boat.

6. If possible have a cheeky sail.

7. Have another look at Jim's outboard.

8. Re-oil hand rails.

9. Fit new bungee on sail cover and refit sail cover before leaving.

The bad news is high tide is quite early for a weekend, so no lie in!

But then I need to do some work on the car so I should be able to fit that in in the afternoon.

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