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Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Very Good Day's Work Today

Today was a good day weather-wise as well as tide-wise. I got to spend over 3 hours on the boat today.

Gorgeous Weather Today, the First day of Spring!

Well, finally I can tick the charging circuit off my to-do list! I re-wired and refitted the connector on the stern so its all done!
Here it is bedded on a new bed of sealant:

A connector. Not sure why it took 6 months to sort it out!

I also moved the radio to the hinged bracket in the companionway, so I can access it better when afloat. I also sorted out the wiring. The power lead was a bit lose and the aerial lead needed a total strip and rewire. The wiring in the connectors was a bit of a mess! But its the same when I used to sort out installations back in the old CB and Ham Radio days. I saw some real horror stories!

The good news is I can now raise the Coasties on Channel 67 and annoy them with endless "radio check" calls. Only kidding!

Nice and Tidy With Space for Instruments on the Left.

Yes I'm listening to Southampton VTS to give me an indication of the receive range. I pulled the power cable and cables out for the transducers for the speed log and the depth sounder, so that when I eventually find a Nasa Clipper Duet cheap enough I can fit it to the bracket. I missed one for £41 about 3 months ago as I didn't have the money at the time and I haven't seen one go that cheap since.

I tidied the wiring up in a few places using yet another Lidl bargain. A set of cable tidying items for only £1.39!

The self-adhesive cable clips came in really handy today to keep the charging wire out of the way in the rear locker and also to tidy up the wires in the cabin to the radio.

So, if the weather holds tomorrow may be sail and rigging day. I need to take my tape measure and measure the length of the tensioners for the back stays. They are as short as they can go and I need shorter ones to tighten the backstays. I also need to measure the space at the stern of the boat as I want to get the name on the stern so that people know who she is. Without her spray dodgers she's a bit anonymous.

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