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Saturday, 15 March 2014

More To-Do List Bits Done

The weather was nice and fine today so I took the cover off the cockpit and let the manky locker tops dry out for a bit. I also varnished the washboards and cut and fitted the new battens to the mainsail.

I don't have pictures of the washboards yet as they need another coat of varnish, but I did take a picture of the mainsail while it was up:

The sail doesn't seem to haul up to the right height, so that will need looking at.

I've taken the sail cover off and given it a wash, it also needs some restitching. I've done the same for the spray hood as well. Once they're dried and stitched up I'll give them a dose of waterproofing.

I also got the cockpit cushions out for an airing as it was so nice today.

My final job of the day was fitting the radio from my old boat to Sprite 2. Sprite's original radio had a fault on the microphone so I got a new mic from eBay. I got the radio to transmit but there was no audio, so it looks like the audio problem is internal to the old radio.

The old radio has been relegated to the car so I can listen in and see who's about. I might open it up and have a look at it in the fullness of time. There are circuit diagrams on the 'net so it should be ok.

I'll be back tomorrow but I'm spending time fitting a rudder on Jim's boat.

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