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Monday, 21 April 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend Washout.

Well, I'm glad I got some sailing in on Thursday because on Friday I picked up a cough. Went out to dinner with Jim and other friends, but had to cut it short as the cough was getting worse. I got sent to bed by the other half.

In the end I've been laid up in bed for three days so far and every bit of me aches.

So definitely no sailing for me, I don't think I could safely drive a car as at regular intervals I erupt into really hacking coughing fits. The sort that leave you totally breathless and with an aching chest.

To add to the misery on Friday the boiler packed up and the landlady isn't answering her calls, nor is the normal boiler-fixing firm either. So its freezing in here hence why I'm staying in bed.

Now I've had breakfast and tablets its back to bed for me. Day 4. Lovely.

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