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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sunny Weather

I've been working more or less non-stop for the past week and a bit. The sunny weather not only enthuses us boaters, but also reinvigorates sports car owners. So I've had a tidal surge of technical enquiries to deal with at work. Now its nice to be busy, but after my stroke last year its dangerous to be stressed for too long.

I needed a break.

Well, the misty weather this morning forewarned of warm sunny weather this afternoon, so the half-day was booked and duly at lunchtime I legged it out of the building into blinding sunlight and warm temperatures.

Jim was texted and I think it was the quickest he got down to the boats ever!

I spent the first half hour or so seizing the new rigging. With all of them wired and the locking nuts tightened up the chances of them undoing are slim.

Jim arrived and there wasn't a breath of wind down there. Shame really as I'd love to have hoisted the sails, but great for getting the cockpit cushions out, having a brew and a relaxed natter. Just what I needed after the pressure of work.

Not quite as calm as when I arrived but still lovely weather.
The tide turned and we rowed over to Jim's boat to get his outboard off. After a bit of hassle undoing the seized clamps (its been on the transom all winter) we got it off and I transported it back to mine so I can work on it to get it idling properly again.

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