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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


No, the title of this post doesn't refer to some new whizzo electronic chamber pot, but an idea I have to create a boat owner's group on Facebook.

Jim and myself are regular visitors to Eastney, turning up there probably two or three times a week, so we quite often get asked to check up on various owner's boats.

I've been asked specifically asked to look after a boat this week while the owner is away, but some of the owners live quite far away. One lives in Wales and another lives in Birmingham, and it would be handy if they had links to a group that allowed them to keep abreast of what's going on around their boat as well as be able to be contacted quickly in case of a problem. For instance some of the boats that lost their moorings or sunk over the winter storms might have had a better outcome if they had been able to be contacted quickly and organise some help.

So, I was thinking of setting up a closed user group on Facebook, the Eastney Boat Owner's Group. (E.B.O.G.), or some other means of creating and managing a group.

Those of us that are regular visitors already tend to look after each other's boats, share ideas and help each other where necessary anyway, so its just really an extension of that. (Meagles was fine Yesterday Nicky BTW).

Any readers got any views on the idea?

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