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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Messing about in boats

Today Jim and myself decided to slip the moorings and both go out in our boats. Jim's mooring was a bit harder to slip as his chain got jammed up in the bow roller, but eventually we freed it.

We'd gone for about 15 minutes when Jim's engine started playing up again. I towed him back to his mooring.

It looks like rubbish in the tank is getting into the carb. His fuel line doesn't have a filter and I really think he needs one. We got his engine running properly again, but by then it was a bit too late to go out again. We basically just messed about today, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine.

Me towing Jim back.

More towing action: me turning Jim's boat around.

Just before Jim's engine conked out.

Also, we found that our boats are really close to each other. So close that if Jim attaches his mooring line to the rear of his boat, he can just about raft up with mine:

Maybe I'll have the time, tide and weather to go out into the harbour later this week. I may just slap the outboard on the dinghy and go exploring up the other side of the harbour..

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