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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Almost Non-Boat Weekend Again.

This weekend I'm babysitting one of the Grandkids and with the weather being so bad I won't be rowing out to the boat in the dinghy.

Instead I went to the boat jumble at Netley. I got to buy a couple of small bits for the and Grandson got a ride on a train and an hour on the swings and slides in the park. Win-Win really.

I got some 3mm rope for tying the spray dodgers back where they belong, A couple of rope pockets to help tidy up the cockpit when sailing and a pulley for the downhaul.

Hopefully I'll get them fitted in the next week or so.

I did manage a late after work hour or so on the boat this week to check on the tiller pilot installation. The epoxy seems to have set ok and the 6 screws seem to hold the wooden block in place.

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