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Monday, 5 May 2014

No Sailing Today but Jobs Done.

Today was about crossing jobs off the list.

The first thing I did was woodstain the wooden block on the outboard bracket. Its now a bit more weatherproof than it was before.

Second job of the day was to sort out the socket for the tiller pilot pin. I'd taken the generator to the boat but couldn't get it to start, so I manually drilled out the hole for the socket into the wooden block under the deck, which took a while longer than I originally planned. I then epoxied the socket into the hole. I'll leave it a while so the epoxy can set. I'll probably give it a test next week.

Next job was to drop the jib sail. I'd brought some cheap rope with me so I tied it onto the end of the jib Halyard and dropped the sail. I brought the jib home this evening and laid it out on the grass outside the house. Basically the stitching on the edge strip has rotted and the leech edging strip has come loose. Its also pulled the small rope that reinforces the leech out from the bottom, so I need to get that back in place somehow. With the stitching coming undone I might as well unpick what's on there now and re-stitch the complete leech edging strip back on complete with rope.

I have two options: The cheap option is to just redo the stitching with rot-proof thread and put it back on the boat. The less cheap option is to remove and refit the UV strip as well as redoing the stitching. Which happens depends on bills and if I sell my caravan on eBay this week!

I also fitted a LIDL fire extinguisher into the cabin, which complements the LIDL Fire Blanket. So Fire Safety is now covered.

I didn't take any photos as I tried to pack everything into a couple of hours. High tide was late today so I got on the boat around three and was off again by half five.

Hopefully the sail will be a quick turnaround so I can get back sailing.

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