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Friday, 30 May 2014


The previous owner of Sprite, Pam, emailed me the day before yesterday saying she'd found some other boating items and would I like them. I picked them up last night.

Here are some of the items:

Bless you Pam, you're a star. The whisker pole and the anchor are both items I'd been looking at on eBay already to see if I could get cheaply, so I will make good use of those. The sort of wistful "If I can get one for under a tenner..." eBay searches I do quite a bit of.

It did work out with my dinghy bits, the ones I got for £6, but winning auctions so cheaply on eBay is a pretty rare thing these days.

Plus currently its the silly season price-wise on eBay; everyone is stocking up because the new season has started, so eBay prices have firmed up quite dramatically for boaty bits.

All of the other items I will find uses for. The lamp I can wire up with a length of cable and make into an anchor light. The cleats will be going on the dinghy, the chain will secure the engine and... well lets say I'll find a place and a use for everything.

All I can say is thank you very much Pam. I'm glad you're enjoying watching Sprite being renewed and used.

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