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Friday, 19 September 2014


It may turn out to be the nautical equivalent of coloured neon lights under the car, but I thought I'd use up the last of my red LED strip lights in the cockpit.

It might prove to be a disaster especially if the supposedly waterproof lights don't turn out to be so waterproof after all. But I've sealed the ends with silicone sealant so that should stop any moisture getting in and attacking the copper strip. The strip goes off into the port locker and there are about 4 LEDS in there before the end of the strip and the power wires so it lights up the locker as well!

But I thought it may come in handy to light up the cockpit at night. The red LEDS shouldn't affect night vision and if they do I can just switch the things off.

I expect to be buzzed by curious helicopters when the things are lit though, they are quite bright!

I've still got to fit lights in the forward part of the cabin, but it looks like I can use the wiring to the original fluorescent lamp that was in pieces when I got Sprite.

I've still got some white LEDS left over, so I think I'll be donating them to Jim for Gannet II

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