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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Evening Visit

I got out to the boat after work yesterday. My neck has subsided enough to have a go lifting the dinghy. The good news is it coincided with high tide so I didn't have to drag the dinghy far.

The first thing I did was put my new downhaul pulley on the mast:
New downhaul pulley fitted. Old pulley on the right.
I may only gain about half an inch of travel, but I'll take it. Any extra travel helps tension the sail more.

I also loaded some plumber's pipe on the boat ready to fit it to the shrouds to help protect the Genoa, which is getting shredded along its edge by the steel wire. That's a day-long job, so not for a while yet.

Today I was looking at a few ideas I've had regarding storage, so that might be a job for the next few weeks.

Lighting will be a theme over the next few weeks too. I've got a set of LED navigation lights I need to fit and also I need to convert my masthead lights to LEDS too. That way I won't need to climb the mast to change the bulb. Well, only the once to install LED bulbs.... I'm still contemplating how I get up the mast to do it. That'll be a job for a lunchtime low tide day, so I can put Sprite on the beach and keep it stable while I climb the mast.

I was mulling a few more things over, but they can wait until I've got a plan of action sorted.

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