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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I've had a bit of spare cash recently thanks do doing a bit of overtime at work and true to form I've spent a bit on Sprite II.

I've spent £33 on a couple of new cam cleats for the jib sheets. The old Tufnell ones are getting a bit past it and keep sticking, letting the rope slip through.

So they need to go on in the next few weeks.

I've also bought a gizmo that's normally for cars, but should be handy on the boat. Its a clock, inside/outside thermometer and battery monitor. All for £8!

I was also window shopping at a local Chandlers and they had two large cleats on clearance at £1.99 each. I snapped them up mainly for Jim's boat, as a winter project on his is to get the sheet and halyard for the main Sail to run back to the cockpit so it can be single-handed. We can rund the lines back to the cleats which will be in the cockpit or on the cabin roof. Not quite as elegant a solution as a jammer or clutch, but for £4 they're a bargain.

It's about time I spent some time sorting Jim's boat so his boating pleasure is increased. He hasn't really sailed it this summer, mainly because I'm sailing mine and he hops aboard.

Maybe next year we can accompany each other in our respective boats and cruise as a fleet. :-)

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