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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Battery Monitor

I went aboard Sprite today and fitted the £7 battery monitor, clock and temperature gauge:

When I took the picture the sky was very overcast, so the battery was down to 12.7 volts. I gave the glass on the solar panel a clean and it jumped up to 13.1 volts!

As you can see the cheapo ebay depth sounder is working fine as well. 1.3m under the keel as it was a 5m tide today.

I've started taking the cam cleats off the boat so I can fit the new ones.

Its a good job I have, because as while I was under the cockpit trying to free the bolts off, I noticed the nuts holding the winches onto the boat are almost rusted right through. On the port side there are only two semi-complete nuts holding the winch on!

So Another job is added to the to-do list.

I went over to Jim's boat for lunch, where we watched the harbour master team try to refloat one of the sunken wrecks on the beach. It gave us plenty of amusement watching them.

The first mistake they made was turning up initially half an hour past high tide without a pump. They already knew the thing leaked, it stays on the bottom every tide.

So they looked at it, poked and prodded it and left.

Then they returned half an hour later with a pump. By this time the tide had dropped about a foot and was still dropping. I went the hose and on went the pump. Three people were on the wreck, weighing it down even more, including one chap on the roof who seemed to be doing some sort of dance routine... He'd jump up and down, side to side... he was quite active, but superfluous to the effort of raising the wreck.

As we watched, the stern of the boat started raising out of the water. We couldn't telll if it was actually floating for the first time in years, or if it was still on the bottom and the tide was going out.

Half an hour and several gallons of water later, we decided it was the latter of these two options, which is when the HM team also gave up.

But its nice to finally see them putting some effort into removing the wrecks that blight the beach.

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