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Sunday, 26 October 2014


The cam cleats for the jib have been playing up lately, refusing to grip ropes properly and generally getting old.

I took one off a few weeks ago and finally got round to taking the other off yesterday. It makes the job easier if I can just re-fit the old ones rather then replace them.

Last Night I puilled them apart to see if they could be serviced and refitted rather than have to fit the new ones I bought.

As you can see they are old paxolin cleats. Nothing wrong with that as long as they work! As you can see I've already squirted WD40 on the base plate. The original grease had gone hard and that's what was making them stick. So it was a case of clean, remove all the old residue, regrease and refit. I did all of that but they still looked a bit tired. So I whipped out the trusty stained varnish and gave them a coat. The cleats are lifted off the boat by what I thought were wooden blocks, but which also turned out to be paxolin. The edges looked a little green so they too got cleaned and coated with varnish.

Now they look a lot better:

The cleats now work freely, so I can now refit them.

The next thing to do in that area are the winches, which are held on by slivers of rusty bolts. Not good. Another visit to toolstation for some stainless replacements I think.

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