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Monday, 6 October 2014


Today's stormy weather saw me down at Eastney checking on the boat before work this morning, during my lunch break and after work too. I guess I've become accustomed to good weather this year and need to get acclimatised to storms again!

Sprite was fine, as was Jim's boat. Ready for the next storm later this week.

This evening I went for a walk up the beach to check on the boats there. The Snapdragon that keeps losing its beaching legs, has lost a beaching leg again and is at an angle.

One mover is the Leisure 17 that was washed to the top of the beach in last winter's storms. It looks like someone is moving it as the holes where the deck fittings were hacked out have been covered by duct tape and it's been dragged away from where its laid up all year. I don't know whether the harbour master has moved ready for towing off or whether some brave soul has taken it on. I suppose I'll see in the next few weeks.

I did a tour of various bits of Langstone harbour this weekend. It looks as if the first Geese have arrived, so it won't be long before the green weed on the mud banks is stripped and the grey winter mud returns.

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