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Saturday, 25 October 2014

More Clearance

Jim and myself spent a few hours on the boats today and got a few jobs done. I took the generator and angle grinder with me and cut the seized padlock off the outboard, so I could put the engine in the cabin out of the winter weather.

I also took the curtains off as the Mrs has promised to make me some new ones.

I took the second cam cleat off the boat. I'll have a go at refurbishing them first before I admit defeat and fit the brand new ones I got off eBay.

While Jim and I were having lunch (Lidl Meatballs and Pasta) the harbourmaster rib came round again. Unfortunately no entertainment this time, although they did have a sniff at Roscoe's boat:

 That'll be a big job to lift, as it leaks like a sieve. Its not floated for over a year now.

Every high tide, this is what it looks like:

Strangely the vultures haven't descended on it like other boats on the beach. But it looks like it's days at Eastney are numbered.

Talking of vultures, It looks like Mashooka is slowly being stripped of it's period fittings. A real shame that it appears to have been abandoned, because up to a month ago it would have been a viable project. But now bits have started disappearing, the cost of getting it back up to standard may be too much. For instance just re-fitting the brass portholes will cost humdreds.

She still floats, but doesn't have a harbour ticket on her. In the three years I've been sailing with Jim, I've never seen anyone actually sail her, she's just stayed moored in the same spot on the beach. Such a shame, but old wooden boats are just money pits. I expect she'll be next on the harbourmaster hit list.

No boaty stuff tomorrow: I'm babysitting one of the Grandkids.

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