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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wreck Removal

Well the wreck that the Harbourmaster team tried to remove on Saturday has gone:

They've taken another old boat along the beach too.

There are a few other old boats above the tide line that will probably get moved too.

One is called Merganser, a 24ft mastless GRP bilge keel yacht that hasn't had a harbour ticket on it since 2011:

The last year anyone cared for Merganser.

Its a shame as the hull is in good nick, but over the years its lost fittings and been damaged:

This is a hole in the roof that used to be covered by a ventilator by the looks of it.

A few of the fittings have been cut with bolt croppers.

This is a hole in the fore deck.

It did have a tarpaulin over it, but that's in tatters now due to age.
The nav lights are long gone.
With all the holes in the roof etc. water ingress is a problem:

Such a shame: all the water collects in the cockpit where there's another hole.
For all the holes in her, the interior looks quite good though. Such a shame that it'll eventually end up crushed or cut up.

Interior viewed through the hole in the fore deck looking aft.

Quite good condition sea toilet under the forward bunks.
If anyone wants a free boat they could always slap a harbour ticket on it, repaint it and call it their own. Since no-one cared for it since 2011 I doubt there's much chance of the original owner coming back to claim it.

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