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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Delayed Departure

I thought I had next week booked off for my South Coast Cruise but aparrently checking with work today I actually booked the week after off.

which means I won't be around for the small sailboat group's meeting at Ashlett Creek next week, although I might drive there if anyone turns up.

Also I won't be around for the ACWS practice day on Thursday. But I have booked Friday off so I will be on the bwater to watch three days of foiling cat fun.

The upside is the tides are better the week after with high tide in the morning and evening. So I may have calculated them last year, booked the week off and then forgotten when I booked the time off and why. Old age is a great thing. With such a rubbish memory there are so many discoveries just waiting to be re-discovered. Again. And sometimes again and again.

So, I'm off work on the 24th for 10 days. I have to be back by the 31st as I have an appointment that day but the rest of the break is open for discovery and adventure. Lets see where I can get to.

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