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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Non-Boat Weekend

This weekend there's a family BBQ as a farewell to a member of the family flying back to Bahrain, plus I'm driving them to the Airport tomorrow so so boaty stuff going on.

I did get a couple of hours aboard on Thursday after work which I spent seeing if I could get a working speedo. To no avail.

Getting back on the dinghy was a bit of a shock as the screw hole had opened up in the bottom again, so last night after work I popped down and syringed some epoxy into the hole. Hopefully this time the whole hole will be full of epoxy and the repair will last a bit longer.

Saw Jim and a couple of the guys down there so had a chat, then watched the dredgers come into the harbour before I went back home. Hopefully by the time I next use the dinghy the epoxy will have set and I won't have any more problems with the hole.

I'm still planning my week long cruise. I'm just wondering how to store the dinghy once I'm aboard. Leaving it on the mooring leaves it vulnerable for a whole week, so I'm still mulling options over regarding tides and stuff. High tide being in the middle of the day means I'm a bit compromised on options. I'd prefer a high tide in the morning and another corresponding one in the evening when I get to my destination.

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