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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunny Saturday, One week to go..

Took Sprite for a short sail up the harbour yesterday, just using the jib. It worked amazingly well so lifting the sheets up has made quite a difference. It looks like I'll be tweaking the main while I'm sailing.

While on board I loaded reading material for my week away on board, plus a few little gadgets like a radio and other stuff.

I also played about with my camera:

Meanwhile I'm trying to plan for my week sailing, which starts next weekend.

The current plan is to get aboard on Friday (I have the day off work) and then stay aboard around Portsmouth to watch the Americas Cup Races during the weekend. The boat will provide a handy base because Portsmouth being on an island means there are only 3 roads into the city. I predict gridlock. The only alternatives to the car are the train (which I'm sure will also be full to capacity) or to ride by bike down the Eastern Road, which has a nice cycle path all the way down it. Getting to the seafront at the bottom end might be tricky as the cycle lane ends, but the traffic will be at a standstill at that point so no problems!

So the plan is to get down very early on Friday, load the boat up and then leave the car there for the day or weekend, depending on circumstances. The folding bike is being loaded on the boat anyhow, so if I need to get around Portsmouth I'll use that.

Then off on my grand tour...

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