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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pipe Dream

At the marina I got my small outboard from they're selling a Carter 33 fin keeled yacht on eBay too.

I'd love to click on the "make offer" tab with a cheeky 100 quid bid, but for the fact it would cost a grand at least to moor, it, insure it, get it surveyed, etc. The scary thing would be if the offer got accepted.

Then maintenance wouldn't be a quick session on the beach, it would entail lift-outs, cradle hire and more.

It just shows with big boats come big bills...

Not for the Skint Sailor, no matter how much I dream about it.


  1. There are many advantage to a small sailboat.

  2. Absolutely! But you know, your heart sees something that could be a bargain and you do the sums in your head and the head just tuts and shakes itself... It turns out not to be such a bargain after all. :-)
    Then your heart eventually stops sulking and realises that with a small sailboat you can get out more, cheaper, less stressfully and have more fun.