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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Aboard at Last!

I finally got on board yesterday. After 4 weeks of gales my union jack was a bit tatty at the ends, so I took that down.

After pointing into Notherly and Westerly winds for a few weeks, the battery was down to 12v as the solar panel wasn't getting full Sun. That's something to sort out, probably bringing the generator on board and running it for a while, or just running the engine will do.

Hopefully it won't be the electric wiring failing again like it did at the beginning of last year.

Dampness seems to still be a problem, thanks to the lack of airflow through the boat. That's something that needs addressing. There is no hatch or vent at the front of the boat, the only vent is at the rear above the cooker.

Other than that, everything was ok. Phew!

Doesn't stop you worrying though. :-)


  1. Vents are essential - or your boat may grow mushrooms over the winter period. Don't ask me how I know that.

  2. Last year the grp mouldings in the cabin ended up with a layer of mould which had fed off the condensation. I'd like a small hatch I can open and leave open a small amount while away from the boat. Its my eBay mission to find one next year.

  3. On Sparrow I have a couple of mushroom vents I shut down to just a few mils in the winter... seems to generate just enough through draught (via the washboards) to keep her fresh... glad to hear she's been ok... we sure have had some "weather"... By the way - have you considered bringing her out over winter?? Sparrow costs me £300/350 a year for mooring and winter ashore in case you're interested....

  4. Hi Steve, I may be tempted in the future, but your mooring costs more than twice what I'm paying at the moment including harbour dues!
    Maybe when I get old enough to need hauling out in the winter. The good thing is the harbour master hasn't yet banished boats from hauling out on the beach to be worked on. The fishing guys do it all the time so us yachties follow suit! It's not the most secure place but it's ok to haul out for a couple of days to work on the boat.