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Monday, 28 December 2015

Post Xmas Visit

I had about 3 hours on board today. Just checking things over, having a brew and listening to my new radio. An episode of Dad's Army on Radio 4 Xtra. :-)

My moisture trap had filled up so it got emptied and binned. The second one is now in it's place.

Now the wind has swung to the South, the solar panel is finally getting daylight and the battery was up to 12.8 volts. I ran the engine for a couple of hours to charge it up. When I left it was up to 13.2v. As long as the wind comes from the S, SW or SE then the panel will pick up enough daylight to charge the battery.

The days are getting longer now, so that will help. Yep, the days are getting longer guys, so get doing those jobs for the spring! :-D

I heard some bad news from Ben, his boat hit another after slipping its mooring and was holed below the waterline. He's recovered it onto the beach and I saw today it has a plywood panel over the hole. I expect he'll move it down the beach or into the ECA compound for repair. Not such a good Christmas for him.

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