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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Merry Christmas

It looks like there might be a theme to my presents this year, in that they may be biased towards use on the boat. We normally have our Christmas family meal between Christmas and New Year which is when we open the presents, but my son and daughter came round on Christmas day for a small get-together and brought my presents.

My daughter bought me a tool kit for use on the boat:

Also she got me a small DAB and FM radio from Aldi. Its a neat little thing, with a rechargeable battery that charges from a micro-USB cable, so the same cable you use to charge a mobile phone.

Both quite handy items, they will find their way on board this summer.

Other presents that I know about seem to be warmth-related which is a bit strange considering it's been the warmest Autumn on record. So there's a hint of jumpers and fleeces in the air. We're keeping the stores going by buying winter clothing when no-one else is. :-)

It seems the conveyor belt Atlantic storms appears never ending and the tides have been wrong, so getting on board has been pretty impossible. I still live in hope I can get on board in the next few days and fire up the engine or genny to charge the battery. Or bring the battery ashore and charge it at home.

UPDATE: Went into Aldi in Havant today (29th Dec) and they still have a few of these DAB radios left.


  1. Excellent pressies - I like the look of the little Aldi radio.

    1. Me too... how does it sound Mark??

    2. The radio is ok. It's only got a small speaker so fidelity isn't going to be the best. Through headphones you get stereo and sounds a lot better.

      The main advantage is a better choice of stations and the lack of interference on MW.

    3. Ta Mark - I got one of these free when I recently upgraded the phone so I'd play it through that if I got one...

      I'm tempted by that radio! :o)

  2. The toolkit will definitely come in handy and the radio is really neat. I thought I'd have a DAB one as I can listen to Radio 5 Live without interference from my solar regulator. This Aldi radio is only about 5 inches square so pretty compact. The USB charging is the neat thing, it means I can charge it on the boat and the batteries never run out.