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Tuesday, 3 May 2016


I dropped the wife off at work on Monday morning in Southsea and then nipped to the seafront, where I saw this chap sailing along the seafront.:

It looked like a Fox Cub, Prelude or something very similar. Running with the wind it wasn't hanging around either.

Although it must have been a pretty chilly sail, and far from smooth, as the little yacht almost disappeared from view in the wave troughs.

It takes a special kind of enthusiasm for sailing to be out in such a small boat in less than perfect conditions.


  1. Where ever he was going.. he would have got there in a hurry yesterday :)

  2. ...enthusiastic, or he needed to be back at work today and didn't have a choice... :D

  3. All of the above I bet. I very nearly got caught out in a similar way last year. Thankfully the coastguard's weather update told me the weather was due to deteriorate when I was half way across the Solent, so I could easily turn round and get back.