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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Dear Paint

I want to paint the new locker tops grey to match the hull colour, rather than wood stain and varnish them like last time.. Last week I checked out the price of marine paint at Marine Superstore and was put off a bit by the prices. As always, the word marine adds a premium to the price, or so I thought.

So.... mid-week I trundled over to B&Q and had a look at the price of gloss paint and primer.... and had a bit of a shock. Not only was it just as expensive as marine paint, the choice of colours of exterior gloss are pretty limited too.

The same thing with the trade places like Toolstation. Very limited options. White, Red, Black and maybe Blue if you're lucky. I know you have the option of getting your colour mixed at large places like B&Q, but if standard paint is just as expensive as marine paint, why bother?

It looks like the rise of UPVC windows has severely affected the market for decent exterior gloss paint.

So earlier today I traipsed back to Marine Superstore and got paint and primer/undercoat. Obviously the weather was rubbish for painting, so instead I had my "chill" day of the weekend on Saturday.

Tomorrow is a different matter. I want to paint the locker tops and visit the boat, the wife wants to visit a car boot in the morning. At some point we're looking after one of the Grandkids too.

Looks like an Early start for me in the morning then and a full day afterwards. Early to bed then....

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