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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bow Roller Sorted.

As the title says, I'm still on the boat after spending an hour tightening the mounting bolts for the bow roller.

I'm not sure how nyloc nuts can come undone, but they have.

When I  started the bow roller plate was 5mm clear of the deck. Now it's  flush again. In fact its a lot tighter than before because 2 screw holes in the side of the bow roller now match up with holes on the side of the deck that I've  not seen before!

I expect below the sealant will be two sheared screws. Something I'll  have a look at next weekend. I plan to put Sprite on the beach for new locker tops and a hull scrub. Not sure if I can get an anti-foul done between tides but if I  scrub the hull off it'll  be quicker when I  do come to slap on some paint later in the year.


Looks like Bank Holiday Monday is the day for Beaching, as I'm booked up Saturday and Sunday moving my daughter to Brighton.

So those days will "just" be painting and fitting the locker tops and maybe sailing then... :-)


  1. When it comes to crucial bolts such as the bolt that holds the anchor roller, rigging screws, clevis pins on the mast tangs etc, etc ... I always make sure they dont' come adrift by drilling a hole and using a heavy duty split pin - it may not be ultimately faultless but its the best solution I can come up with.

  2. Alden, it's a bit tricky to drill into the nuts and bolts where they are located above the chain locker. It's a mission just to get a hand with a spanner to them! I may run a second nyloc nut up each bolt as a locking nut some time.

    What I suspect is the nuts have been coming loose for the best part of a decade or more with them held in place by friction of the thread against the GRP but finally after I tightened up the rigging last year there's enough tension to pull the bolts through the GRP with the wave action during the storms. I don't see any evidence of it hitting another boat like I originally suspected.

    I've re-tightened all the bolts under the roller plate bar one, which didn't want to tighten at all. But the 6 other bolts should hold it fast now.