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Saturday, 18 June 2016


I did a flyby past the boat today. Not onboard as the weather was looking a bit naff all day.

I spotted this boat with a bit of a list on and quickly posted it up on the Facebook Solent Sailors group:

Sadly later on Ben posted this picture on Facebook:

Yet another boat bites the dust at Eastney. And the wife wonders why I go down and check on my boat every couple of days. Too many boats get left unattended for weeks or months at a time down in the pond and just end up trashed.

Such a shame.


  1. Expensive! - probably a corroded skin fitting.

  2. More than likely that or a leak through the outdrive leg. Letting an outdrive touch the mud twice a day is bound to stress a seal somewhere. Its a shaame though because as soon as salt water gets inside it does horrendous damage.

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  4. Every time I use my mobile to comment it sends two comments.... bizarre!

  5. It is sad to see a boat die. Luckily, I can go a week or two without checking on mine, since I'm out on a floating dock in company with friends, and we keep an eye on each other's boats. I suppose the marina staff would let me know of a problem too, if they noticed.