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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

No Bank Holiday Boating

Despite last weekend being a long weekend with the Monday being a Public Holiday, I didn't get down to the boat.

Saturday was helping my Daughter to pack and clean her old house and then Sunday was helping her to move to Uckfield with her boyfriend.

Typically Saturday and Sunday were the nicest days of the year so far weather-wise.

In contrast Monday was pretty grotty, with F4-F7 winds and a Northerly bringing colder temperatures and a swell in Eastney Pond.

So Monday I added another coat of undercoat to the locker tops. I'm up to 3 coats now. Once more and then I can start with the top coat.

Then I worked on the neglected garden and set to mowing the knee-high grass on the lawn.

That's about all there is to report at the moment, hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can do some boaty stuff. Especially finish off the locker tops and get them fitted.

The year is running apace and I've only managed a couple of small sails so far. Not good.

Must try harder.... :-)


  1. That's how it goes. Opportunities have to be right - family, weather, tide and how you feel. To date I've had short outing on a friend's Eventide, and tomorrow I've been invited aboard my old Seawych 'Ladybird' - the weather's looking good - hopefully it will be an enjoyable day. Still haven't sailed 'Pike' this year, but plan to take her to Cambridge for exploring the river and to see 'Minnow', my second Paradox.

  2. Hi Bill, glad to see you are still sailing, I've missed your blog posts.

    The kids may be grown up but there are still fatherly duties to do, especially when you have a huge estate car that can hold all of daughter's worldly goods. But it's nice to see her getting on and being independent.

    Have fun on Ladybird, the weather does look pretty good across the country for Wednesday so you should have a good day. I hope you have a good days sailing.


  3. Thanks Mark,
    Everything was good on Wednesday - the weather, the sailing and the companionship. We didn't go far, but we enjoyed tacking to and fro before anchoring for lunch and a chinwag. Afterwards we had a gentle run back to the mooring at Rice and Cole where we had a cup of tea before tidying the boat and being ferried ashore aboard the Yard's motor launch.