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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Easy Weekend

Last weekend I decided to take things easy. No pressure, no rush. Saturday morning first thing I took the Wife down to the car boot sale at Bedhampton. The first one of the year. I do have an ulterior motive: there are usually a couple of guys selling boaty bits at that car boot. As it turns out they were there again this year, one chap selling a few small anchors and lots of rope, which seemed to get snapped up quickly.

After depositing the Wife back home I went down to the boat. This time with no plans, no jobs. The idea was to de-stress and just people and boat watch while soaking up the er, overcast.

Sunday again I went down to the boat with no plans other than to quirt some carb cleaner into the outboard and get it running better. This time by the time I got down there it was almost high tide. Jim was already there so I got the outboard running and then reversed up to his boat and tied them together so we didn't have to shout to each other.

Glorious sunshine all day and a good natter with Jim. What a great day!

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