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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Short Visit on Sunday

The feature of 2016 has been limited time to get on Sprite, either through other activities taking up my time, or through bad weather occurring when I do have the time.

Several times I've been down to Sprite and it's been blowing quite hard. It's been quite regular this year.

Last weekend was no different. I was busy on the Saturday, had Sunday morning free to get on the boat, but was busy in the afternoon.

Anyway, high tide was just after 8am, so about 8:30 I got down to the boat. After a quick tidy up to pick up the bits in the cabin dislodged by previous blows I made a brew and settled down to savour the peace and quiet on the mooring.

Just one picture through the companionway of the calm, misty morning view:

Cuppa drunk, cabin tidied and cockpit cover tightened up, I locked up and rowed ashore.


  1. Sometimes a cup of tea, on your boat, on your own, is just what the doctor ordered....... in fact, most of the time a cup of tea, on your boat, etcetcetc!

  2. Absolutely. It's been a while since I got on the boat and it was still and quiet enough to just chill out and savour the peace. You can feel your blood pressure dropping. Definitely what my doctor orders!