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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Web work Done

Right, I think I've stretched the web page enough to get the bigger pictures in.

The page width is 1280 which seems to be fairly standard and works on most platforms.

The header picture was a bit long last night, so I've slimmed it down to 1189 width (the closest I could get to 1190) which gives a reasonable space at the edge.

The website looks ok on My Phone, my Hudl2 and my 10-year-old 15.2" screen laptop.

So now I can post up bigger and more detailed pictures.

I've also just got a cheap 360 degree camera which I'm mucking around with. I'm not convinced yet as I'm finding it virtually impossible to upload 360 degree VR videos to YouTube at the moment.

Once I've done some research and I've managed to accomplish the task, hopefully I can clamp the camera on the pushpit and set it running. Then as long as you're using a compatible browser, you should be able to watch the video and look around as if you were sat on the pushpit rail yourself.

Fingers crossed.

Although I'm not sure the Chinese camera I've got will do the trick. It might be the more expensive named cameras are the only ones that can upload to YouTube easily.

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