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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Website Work in progress

I'm in the process of tweaking the website to make the columns a bit wider, so I can make the pictures a bit bigger.

Bear with me please while I'm mucking about.

If you have any issues seeing the site, please let me know and I'll try and address it. It would be best to let me know what resolution your screen is when you send me a comment so I know the limitations of your browser.


  1. Looks good... if it helps, on mine (though I only have one column - on the left), the main body is 1120 wide, and the column is 260...

  2. Hi Steve, I've set the total page width as 1280, which is quite a bit lower that the most popular resolutions around now. So you should be able to see the whole page at full screen. I've tested it on my mobile and it comes up ok on Chrome on that.
    What resolution does your screen have? I'd assume 1024 for the width as The columns are set to 200 pixels each. 1280-200 = 1080 which is just over the 1024 in which case you would lose the right hand column.
    If I go down to 1024 the bigger pictures are too big. 1280 also allows me the next biggest picture size with a bit of space to make a border.

  3. I think the banner pic is a bit much though. I'll probably slim that down tonight at some point.

  4. I went for a "not too big that people on older screens would be compromised", finger in the air, guess.. basically... :o) As to pictures I just size them when I load them in Blogger - if I pick "extra large" Blogger automatically sizes them to fit the available post space..

  5. Steve, I tried that, but on the extra-large pictures, they overwrote the sidebars. Maybe because I have two sidebars. Anyway, the size I have it now gives me extra-large pictures with a bit of space at the side because without the space it didn't look tidy.