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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I'm fascinated by the different coincidences and crossovers in life.

There is one thrown up by owning a Seawych. I never knew the makers, Sadler & Son were in the town I moved from to live here in Portsmouth.

Sadler & Son were based in Bicester, my old home town. Out of all the places I ended up in after moving down from Lancashire, the one town I pick just happens to be the place where my boat was built! Its strange because its about as far from the sea as you can get. I know because I used to trail an American sportsboat all the way to the sea from the place.

I've tried to check on the history of Sadler & Sons to see whether they were still around in 1994 when I moved to Bicester but sadly the internet has let me down on that score so far. Obviously my boat wasn't made when I was there, but I just wonder whether I would have driven past the place and not noticed. Unusual for me as a boat instantly catches my eye.

It looks like the Seawych was produced up until 1981, way before I moved to Bicester. I need to dig more to see if that was the end of boatbuilding at Sadler & Son or if they produced a different boat or range of boats later.

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