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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Free Boat?

Well, nearly. But getting a lovely, fully equipped, virtually ready-to-sail Sadler Seawych complete with long shaft 4hp engine on my budget it almost feels as though I stole it.

I went to see it on Friday evening and it looks great. It needs minor TLC, but nothing major. Rebedding and sealing deck fittings and the windows is a high priority as is sorting out the warped cockpit locker tops.

Here she is: Sprite II in all her skint sailing glory. Not bad eh?

We tried to get her over to Langstone Harbour yesterday but the weather beat us. Well, the predicted F3-F4 turned out to be more like F5-F6 and was wind over tide: not a nice combination exiting Chichester harbour. The swell beat the engine in the end, so we had to turn back.

So she now sits in Sparkes Marina awaiting another attempt today.
Wish me luck...

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