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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Then and Now

This was me back in 2007 on my powerboat. Pre-crash, pre-petrol-price-hike, pre-belt-tightening.

My how I've matured: instead of rushing around, not caring about things like tides, I now have to use them and time my passages. A lot more cerebral, a lot more grown up, a lot less rushed, a lot less stressful. Which is a good thing, as stress is something I don't need in my life: its possibly the risk factor that caused my stroke.

Mind you the new boat will withstand a lot wider range of conditions too, so I should be able to enjoy it more, plus its actually in the water whereas my Sportsboat was on a trailer and had to be hauled to the water.

Here I am last weekend de-stressing:

First things first, before I can actually enjoy sailing it and not worry about the rig breaking, or the rain getting inside, there will be a few jobs to do. On my limited budget they will have to be prioritised and done over the winter. But hey, pottering about with your boat is one of the joys of boating! Especially on the days when you can't sail for whatever reason.

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