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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Boat Rescue: A Lesson

Its now midnight and I've just got home from rescuing Jim's boat. No pictures as it was pitch black.

Whether his mooring line was cut or it just parted is a moot point. The fact is his mooring was rope and therefore could quite easily fray or rot. The very reason I chose to have chain all the way from sinker to samson post.

As it was after his buoy parted company from the riser chain luckily his boat ended up on the beach just 100 yards from where it was moored with no damage to it or other boats. The bad news is we had to wait until 10:30 this evening before we had any chance of getting the boat off the beach.

As it was it was quite a bit bit after 10:30 before we got afloat and untangled from the mooring ropes of the other boats on the beach.

We motored out to a white buoy and Jim has temporarily hitched up to that until we can find his ground tackle and attempt to hitch up to it again. Looks like I'll be down there tomorrow straight after work using Jim's dinghy to try and find his chain in the mud.

So, just remember, chain is better than rope.

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